Holland, Zuid Holland, Boskoop.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Boskoop, Vordere Wasserstellung, Hoogeveenseweg.

On the south/west side of the village of Boskoop, at the Hoogeveenseweg/Noordeinde next to the roundabout, you find a gun emplacement from the "Vordere Wasserstellung".

The “Erste or Vordere Wasserstellung" was a German line about 30-50 km's land inwards behind the dunes to slow down advancing enemy troops. In case of a landing on the Dutch coast and a break trough, they could fall back on this prepared stopping line from Amsterdam-Alphen a/d Rijn-Gouda-Dordrecht-Moerdijk-Roosendaal. The Germans used the technique of inundation, by setting parts of the land underwater about 60cm deep. They also made light defence objects like small gun emplacements, barbed wire lines and mine fields to close the gaps in between.

1x Gun emplacement for 4,7cm PAK.(version: 3x ammo niches, 2x exits, 1x ramp)
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15 min
1/2010 upd 4/2013
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© bunkerpictures - Gun emplacement
© bunkerpictures -  Gun emplacement