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Pictures   Old army cars at Nijmegen
Pictures   Old army cars at Overasselt
Pictures   Liberty Park Overloon (only bunkers)
Text+pictures            Museum Eperlecques, le Blockhaus
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13-06-2013     We supplied pictures for a Danish book about D-Day, Click here.
30-09-2011     We supplied pictures for article in Frylan Historisch Tijdschrift, Click here.

17-06-2011     We supplied pictures for article in Vakblad natuur bos landschap mei 2011, Click here.

16-04-2011     Book about Seys-Inquart. Several pictures and information supplied. Click here.

06-04-2011     TV-documentary about and called "Weird Warfare" produced by Wide-Eyed- Entertainment London.
                      Was aired in the USA over 50 states and is available on DVD. We supplied several pictures about
                      the V-rocket bunker of Eperleques in the North of France. Click here.

16-02-2011     Book about archeology of the WWII in the Province Overijssel in Holland.
                     (several pictures supplied) Click here

05-01-2011     Paper by Prof. Hugh Griffiths about the Klein Heidelberg radar system.Click here

11-01-2009     War-tourist website, bunker calendar 2009 with updates! With Bunker Pictures photo.

19-12-2007     Studie report of the RACM about "Civiele verdediging in het tijdperk van de wederopbouw"
                      (civil defence and protection building in after war period). Bunkerpictures made in cooperation with
                      the NCBB severall pictures: nr 001-031-032-037-038-042-043-056-059-070
                      For a small report impression, click here. (PDF-format, text in  Dutch)

09-11-2007     Article with pictures in KTR magazine 3/2007 (Keep Them Rolling) about the bunker Dioges
                      in Schaarsbergen. The pictures are supplied by Bunker Pictures (except Gykes Denmark).
                      See also our datasheet with more pictures, Schaarsbergen
                      Click here (PDF-format, text in Dutch) Sources: KTR-magazine -

01-03-2007     Article with pictures in PM-magazine about Ministry of Home Affairs emergency centre in Den Haag.
                      Click here (PDF-format, in Dutch) Sources; PM-magazine -