Germany, Leverkusen 2007 Old Timer meeting.
Leverkusen Old Timers

I was invited by a friend to go too Leverkusen Germany for an old timer meeting at the local THW, Technische Hilfswerke (Civil Defence), Solingen.
I have made pictures from the old timers coming from several places in Germany and the currently in used equipment of the THW Leverkusen and Solingen. During the event about 30 cars made a motorcade trough the city of Leverkusen to the neighbour city Solingen. We drove with “blue light” and “blue column flag” and where accompanied by THW-motorcycles.

The pictures split into: Old Timers, THW Leverkusen, THW Solingen and just show the cars and aren't further named'.

Raphael Smid
Old Timers

THW Leverkusen

THW Solingen
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