Locations Singapore:
This trip to Australia and Singapore started around March 2009 and during this backpacker's trip there were a couple of interesting places which I wanted to visit. First stop was Singapore; accidently I came across a beautiful command bunker in the centre of the city. This so called 'Battle Box' was used during the beginning of the war in Asia by the English forces.
We also booked a special tour that brought us to a coastal battery, a war cemetery and other special places related to WW2.

After Singapore I continued my journey, and Australia was my next stop were I visited a lot of places with some nice bunkers. In the middle of the Australian countryside I noticed a sign on the road
that said "WW2 fuel storage", I followed the signs and I found a large complex with several fuel tanks that were constructed in the beginning of 1941. After that I continued my journey to Darwin; in Darwin there are still quit a few places related to the war, such as airstrips, oil storage tunnels and coastal batteries.

My last stop was Sydney and its surrounding cities, I visited some nice coastal batteries, and some of them are original form the 18th century but they are all used in the defence of Sydney during WW2.

So after 5 months of travelling I visited lots of interesting places and it was nice to see that several batteries were quit similar with the early batteries in Europe, although there were of course some differences in style and material. But after all it was an incredible journey and having seen bunkers in Europe, Asia and Oceania is quit special!