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Our interest for bunkers and especially the Atlantikwall started in the beginning of 2004 when we made a visit to the battery Todt in France. After that we started visiting bunkers around Holland and the hobby became more and more serious and in December 2004 we launched

On this website we provide pictures, locations and information about the Atlantikwall in France and The Netherlands. We also have some subjects about the Cold war, Civil defence in Holland, Dutch defences before 1940 and lots of other interesting bunkers and locations.
We try to give the types of all the bunkers, additional information about there function, history or other information.

When you are visiting bunkers make sure you are aware of the following:
  - If the bunkers lay on private property, you must ask for permission, if possible.
  - Be careful in dunes, fields and woods and treat them with respect.
  - Make sure you have a flashlight with you at all times, with spare batteries.
  - Never enter a bunker alone or without flashlights.
  - Watch out for holes in the ground/floors and other dangerous obstacles.
  - Leave the bunker behind as you found it for the next visitor.
  - And last but not least, watch out for cattle and other animals (bats).

We have never had a serious accident but it is a risk that is always there if you are visiting bunkers and fortifications, so be aware.

If there are bunkers with nice art or with nice interior we are very careful with providing information about were to find the bunkers, this is to prevent the bunkers from being stripped.
If you want more information about a certain location, or you want to report an error/mistake, or you just have a question, contact us at

Raphael Smid (1954 Den Haag)
Koen Smid (1989 Gouda)
The Netherlands, Gouda 2006/2010
We give for each location a rating, this is for everyone different:

  - Rating: we give a total “score” of the location after looking at the following points.
  - Objects: we give the amount of bunkers/objects that can be found at the location.
  - Condition: the condition of the bunkers/objects.
  - Picture time: time you need for taking pictures.
  - Accessible: the possibility to reach the location, not the possibility to enter the bunkers!!  
  - Parking: the possibility to park easily and safely near a location.
  - Date: the date that we visited the location.

By clicking on the icon “Picture Gallery”                          you will get to see all the pictures that were taken at the location
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