Switserland, Basel, Dornach.
Kanton of Basel

During a small trip in Swiss we encountered a small, so called 'Dragon Teeth' line between Dornach and Aesch (20km south of Basel). The defence line is located at the 'Apfelseestrasse', near the local school called 'Rudolf Steiner Schule Birseck'.

It is a small line with nicely preserved dragon teeth's, the line starts near a bridge and a river and continues along the forest up the hill (hardly visible). At the beginning of the line, near the bridge is an opening were the line could be closed with iron bars, you can still see the openings in the concrete for the bars, only one part of the opening is still there, the other end of the opening is gone.

Added information 2/2008:
Ist a part of the defence line of the Grenzbrigade 4 Westlicher Abschnitt (BL/SO) and used by Division Gempen.
Click for map (PDF) Thanks to Hans Peter Stolz.

'Dragon Teeth' defence line.
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