Romania, Constanta Region, Constanta.
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30 min
Constanta, harbour

In the harbour of the Romanian town of Constanta is a naval base, on the pier nearby are three Mg. bunkers with three supporting bunkers located.

The six bunkers are split in three pairs of two, one Mg. and one supporting bunker (which has a strange steel construction on top of it's roof).  We have named the positions A, B and C, there are also some nice pictures taken from inside a helicopter which give a very nice view of the pier with the bunkers.
The line of fire of the Mg. bunkers is nowadays blocked by a new line of concrete blocks who are reinforcing the pier.
We have done research into what kind of bunkers, which defence-line or additional information about this location, but till so far we haven't found anything useful.
If you have any information please contact us at post@bunkerpictures.nl

The pictures are taken by good friend of ours during a business trip.

3x Mg. bunker.
3x supporting bunker (?).
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