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Husöen ,island Tarva.
WB Norwegen, Art.Gr. Örlandet, M.K.B. Husöen 1/507, 3x28cm.

This coastal battery is located on the small island of Tarva, there is a small ferry to the island and the bunkers are all located at the northern part of the island.

This battery has three major emplacements for its 28cm guns; it is an early build battery with light constructions. The guns have never actually seen battle; the only explosion that accursed was an exploding gun at the end of the war which killed several Germans and Norwegian people. Besides each emplacement is a nice 622 personnel bunker located even as several small shelter (Siegfried shelters). Around the emplacements are several supporting bunkers build such as  Vf personnel bunkers and the close-by defence consist of MG positions connect with trenches to the Siegfried shelters. There were more emplacements for small calibre guns for the close-by defence but most of them have are gone or hardly visible.
A nice bunker is the ammunition bunker S448a for a 28cm battery, the bunker has beautiful camouflage on the outside and lots of original parts remain in the inside.
The fire-control bunker is an M120, which has been modified by the Norwegian army after the war. The inside is completely changed, but the steel cupola's are still untouched from the inside.

3x Gun emplacement for 28cm SK L/45.
1x M120 Fire control post for 17cm battery.
2x 622 Twin group bunker.
1x S448a Ammunition depot for 28/30.5cm battery.
2x Vf personnel.
1x Aggregate bunker.
1x MG post, with Siegfried shelter.
2x Living quarter foundations.
1x Unknown bunker.
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Husöen, Island Tarva.
WB Norwegen, Art.Gr. Örlandet, Heavy Flak battery 1/507, 4x8,8cm Flak.

The battery is located at the most northern point of the island, around the Norwegian military compound.

The battery has four 8,8cm Flak 37 emplacements and several supporting bunkers and a fire-control bunker. The emplacements still have their wooden covers in the ammunition niches, the emplacements are also light constructions. The supporting  Vf personnel bunkers have a nice original interior with the coating on the wall, wooden parts and a nice sink at the entrance. The place is covered by MG positions that are attached to Siegfried shelters. There is a smaller emplacement in front of the battery, according to a local it must have been the emplacement for a range-finder. The actual fire-control bunker for the Flak is located in the middle of the four emplacements. West of the battery are two supporting observation bunkers build who provided addition information for the batteries. A nice emplacement for a 4cm Flak and a 621 personnel bunker next to the M120 complete the site. Near the houses are the wash barrack and a communication bunker located.

4x Flak 37 8,8cm emplacement.
1x Flak 28 4cm emplacement, with shelter.
1x Range-finder emplacement (E-Messer).
1x Fire-control bunker for Flak.
1x 621 Group bunker.
4x Vf personnel.
2x Vf observation.
3x Living quarter foundation.
1x Communication bunker.
1x Wash facility.
1x Water storage.
1x Unknown bunker.
>6x Ammunition rooms scattered around the site.
Husöen, Island Tarva.
WB Norwegen, Art.Gr. Örlandet, Mammut radar.

On the north-west part of the island is a nice radar bunker located, the whole area around it is scattered with lots of bunkers.

The Mammut radar bunker, a L485 is open and has some nice parts inside, the entrance looks horrible but further inside, in the main rooms are some nice original parts left. Note the original steel covering plate on one of the shafts. Around the bunker lays several MG positions and a mortar position for close-by defence.
West of the Mammut lays a small bunch of bunkers; a small observation bunker for air defence, a nice emplacement for a 2cm Flak and a FuMo 214 Wurzburg radar emplacement.
East of the Mammut, along the road towards the main road of the island, lay more then 20 bunkers/buildings; barrack foundations, Flak emplacements,  Vf personnel bunkers, garages, trenches, MG positions and a infirmary bunker. Note the beautiful FuMo 214 Wurzburg radar on top of the hill; it still has a steel part of its actual radar.
On a garage is a date written, it says 1943 but we have also found the date 1944 inside several other bunkers and even a date 1942. A highlight was a beautiful trench system that was connected to a tobruk and other field positions; the trenches were in perfect condition, beautiful camouflaged in the rocks and with a nice pattern.
When you have reached the main road there is an original German Harbour at the other end of the road with a Vf personnel bunker next to it.

1x L485 Bunker for "Mammut" radar.
2x Socle for FuMo 214 radar.
3x Vf personnel.
1x Air-raid shelter, 'Luftschutz bunker'.
1x Infirmary bunker.
1x German harbour.
3x Flak 2cm emplacement.
1x Flak 4cm emplacement.
1x Vf observation bunker, for air defence.
5x MG post.
2x Garage.
>6x Barrack foundations.
1x Trenches with MG positions.
1x Mortar position with crew bunker.
1x Water storage.
1x Pump building
1x Unknown bunker.
Husöen, Island Tarva.
WB Norwegen, Art.Gr. Örlandet, Logistics.

When you enter the northern part of the island, you'll have to pass the first defence point, and then you reach the ammunition bunkers and some other supporting bunkers.

The entrance is defended by a small PAK bunker for a 4,7cm gun with next to it a nice Wellblech personnel bunker. Furthermore there are some MG field positions for the defence.
The ammunition bunkers, 6 times in  Vf strength are build in a nice row with a square in the middle. Some of them are open and you'll see the rails going into the bunker; this is what they used for transporting the ammo in and out of the bunker. On one of the walls is a date written, 1942 and we have also found dates that said 1943 and 1944 so the bunkers are constructed in several stages. One of the bunkers has still its camouflage; a huge pile of rocks scattered over the bunker. There is also a nice radio bunker with several antenna foundations. They constructed a hospital/nursery in the rocks just beside the ammunition bunkers.

6x Ammunition bunkers.
1x Casemate for 4.7cm PAK.
1x Wellblech shelter.
1x Radio bunker.
1x Hospital bunker.
>1x MG post.
Norway, Sør-Trøndelag, Island Tarva. (4)
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