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Command Post BB for ZH-a.

Along the highway A4 from Den Haag to Amsterdam, near the village of Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk at only 30 meter from the highway, this command post lies more or less visible till June 2009.

This bunker was built in the 60's as a Command Post for the "BB-Bescherming Bevolking" (Civil Protection). It covered a part of the province of Zuid Holland, with the code name ZH-a. After the ending of the Cold War period around 1990, the bunker was not longer in use and was given over to a big telecom provider, that used it for cell phone networks with a transmitters and antennas  on the location.
This bunker has a very special "emergency exit" because the location is several meters under "sea level" and in case of a flood the bunker had to operate properly and also the entrance. Therefore they made the emergency exit in a small tower so they could leave or enter the bunker by small boats.

Because the highway will be extended, they need the location where the bunker is standing. Therefore the bunker will be emptied and made ready to "disappear under the sand of the highway".
Instead of breaking down the bunker they will let it sink in the ground by digging out the sand underneath with water torches and after that the new highway will go over it.

1x Civil Defence CP.
Holland, Zuid Holland, Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk.
© bunkerpictures - Civil Defence
© bunkerpictures - Civil Defence