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Airfield Woensdrecht, Flak Stelle Zandvoort, complex D.

Just outside the village Woensdrecht, between the roads called Oude Stee and the Zandfort are several bunkers located. Be aware that in 2009 they are building a new road around the village and the situation around those bunkers is changing all the time.

The Germans took over this airfield after the fighting's in may 1940 with the Dutch army and constructed these bunkers around 1942/43. The 2cm Flak battery was called Zandvoort.
Sources: www.luchtkastelen40-45.nl

1x Aggregate bunker (WDT-D4)
1x Kuver 467 half group shelter (WDT-D5)
1x MG 35 ammunition bunker (WDT-D6)
2x Kuver group shelter (WDT-D7 and D8)
2x empty boxes, former Kuver group shelters (WDT-D9 and D10)
Holland, Noord Brabant, Woensdrecht.
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