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1 hour
Willemstad, Vesting.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Batteriestellung Willemstad, Stp.XXXIV H, Bpt. 264.

When you drive from the N259, from Steenbergen further northwards, you cross the A29. Just before Willemstad you take exit 23. The city is clearly marked on the road signs, you must follow the sign Willemstad-Vesting.
The complex is a 16e century's fortress. Here you find bunkers that were built there both by the Dutch and the Germans. There are two gun emplacements, a fire control post and some personnel rooms.

2x 669 Embrasured emplacement for field gun (60º) without annexes, nr. 26401 and 26402
1x Vf Fire control post.
1x Vf shelter.
3x Tobruk58c.
1x Tank wall.
Holland, Zuid Holland, Willemstad.
© bunkerpictures - Vf Fire control post
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