Holland, Noord Brabant, Werkendam.
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In the village of Werkendam, south of Gorichem, on the southern bank of the river Maas, several bunkers are located. They are part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, this defence line consists of many personnel shelters, the so called Pyramids (shape of the bunker) and mg bunkers. Most of the casemates and mg bunkers are gone or heavily damaged. Most of the personnel bunkers are still there, but in a bad condition. One of the personnel bunkers has two firing-holes to cover the front and the flank. A nice detail is that you can see the concrete foundation of several bunkers. The foundation is huge, because of the high groundwater level in Holland and in particular around the large rivers.
All the bunkers have been built in the period 1939-1940 by the Dutch just before the beginning of World War 2.

13x personnel shelter, Pyramid.
© Bunkerpictures - Dutch pyramid shelter
© Bunkerpictures - Dutch pyramid shelters