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The former village of Warnsveld, nowadays part of the municipally Zutphen, contains some bunkers at the park 't Veld, along the N346.

One bunker is located in the park and can be found via the Bosland. The other one lies at the other side of the N346, on the property of Huize Baank.  Between those two locations there is at the Rhiederinklaan 1 , private property, an unknown small bunker just near the N346. It is probably a German Vf., but we are not sure and because we got no permission to come closer to the bunker, we could not verify it.

The two 621 bunkers are special. The "a" pictures shows one with no tobruk on top and no side-wings. The entrance and the size is correct.  The "b" pictures shows a 621 with tobruk and side-wings, but this one has an "emergency exit" on two sides built in the well-known half circles. This seams to us as special, because a 621 has already two exits so it doesn't need an emergency exit. But, because of the information that this location was used as a  Divisional Head Quarters ( probably for the SS-panzer Div. Hohenstaufen), that could be the reason that there are extra emergency exits. The bunkers are closed, so we couldn't look inside.

2x 621 personnel bunker (special).
1x unknown bunker.
Holland, Gelderland, Warnsveld.
© bunkerpictures - Type 621
© bunkerpictures - Type 621