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Festung Walcheren, Stp. Ostmark.

On the island Walcheren lie at the "Veerse Meer" the small village and harbour Veere. The "Veerse Meer"was during the war still an open sea arm in connection with the sea, but after the big flood disaster in 1953 the connection was closed.

To protected the harbour entrance there was build a emplacement for a 5cm KwK at the entrance, on top of some old fortification works already present, called the "Bastion".
At the other side of the village is a ships lock too the "Kanaal door Walcheren" that's flows from Veere to Middelburg and Vlissingen. Near the ships lock at the Kanaalweg Westzijde, lie on private property a air-raid shelter, probably Dutch and mend to protect the personnel that was working at the ships lock.

1x Gun emplacement for 5cm KwK.
1x Air-raid shelter.
Holland, Zeeland, Veere.
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