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Valkenswaard, Geenhoven.
WBN, Reichspost, Forsungsstelle Valkenswaard, "Birkenhof".

Near the city of Eindhoven lies Valkenswaard and at the Nieuwe Waalreseweg close too the road, the bunker lies at private property.

The bunker has been built as a replacement for the Forsungstelle Langeveld near Noordwijk, at the coast. Because this location was indicated by the Germans as too vulnerable so close to the coast, they built a new location at Valkenswaard. They gave the German organisation "Abteilung Siedlung und Bauten", the order at the end of 1942, to build a new complex and they designed a kind of Luftschutzbunker for the station, adapted to its special function as "listening station" of the Allied communication networks.
The complex was a mix of a bomb proof Luftschutzbunker section and an office/living quarters built in bricks, with on the terrain some smaller support buildings and installations.
The bunker was built with walls of 1.6 till 3.8 meters thick and the roof was 3 meters thick. When you look well to the pictures, you can also see that behind some windows the concrete wall of the bunker is standing, just looking as it was a "normal house".

The whole complex was only used for 6 months, because with the Allied operation Market-Garden in September 1944 the area was liberated.

(source: Duitse Bunkerbouw vanuit het Rijkscommissariaat, van R. Sakkers en R. Pols.)

1x Sk Luftschutzbunker.
1x Water storage.
Holland, Noord-Brabant, Valkenswaard.
© bunkerpictures - Window and concrete wall
© bunkerpictures - Sk Luftschutzbunker