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Utrecht, Uithof.
Cold War, Utrecht, National Reserve Hospital (Calamiteiten Hospitaal) UMC.

During the Cold War period the government and the military, needed in case of a major incident, additional and special hospital locations. During the 80's there where plans to build two big new general hospitals, one in Amsterdam the AMC and the other in Utrecht at the UMC Utrecht. For both locations there were added special hospital facilities underneath the normal hospitals, separated from the normal day to day business. Those hospitals where built in a strengthened way, but where not built like a bunker. Their main purpose was to have a more or less save and strong hospital building, but most of all, had additional beds, equipment and space to handle big numbers of victims and also the possibility to treat special patients with gas, atomic and bio-chemical problems.

In Utrecht the hospital was built and paid by the Defence Ministry, because the National Military Hospital was also situated at the same spot .
It is a 8.000 m2 big hospital, that can service 400 beds at the same time. There are screening rooms, first-aid, operation rooms, x-ray rooms and wards for all kinds of patients.
There are also intensive- and medium-care facilities, all on stand-by readiness, equipped with the latest equipment. Also built and later on further expanded and updated are separation rooms and special wards for patients with chemical, biologic and toxic infections to keep them apart and to keep the surrounding safe.

The hospital is 24/7 hours ready to start-up. Within 30 minutes it is operational to receive the first patients. It was used as a reception centre for the people who came back in Holland after the Tsunami in Asia in 2004. It is also used to separate groups of patients that have been in a foreign hospital and that can be infected by the MRSA bacteria.

1x Special hospital.
Holland, Utrecht, Utrecht Uithof/UMC.
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