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6/2010 upd 11/2012
KDB*, Abschnitt Emden, Festung Emden, Stp.Gr. Delfzijl, Schw. Flak Batt. Termunten (Fiemel).

Near the village of Termunten, north of Delfzijl lies the Schw. Flak Batterie Termunten, also called Fiemel.
Drive over the sea dike over the Dallingeweersterweg and you will find the location.
This was a Flak battery of the Kriegsmarine and had some special Flak guns namely "12.8cm Flak". One of the Flak bunkers is a special one, because it is built on wooden poles and stands high above the ground. Another one is built half in the slope of the sea dike and gives a nice view over the Ems river in the direction of the German city Emden.
There are also several buildings in red stone bricks. Those were for the radar equipment and Würzburg Riese radar.

1x 668 Small six-man bunker.
1x FL317 Ammunition depot for 12.8cm battery.
1x M383 Machinery bunker.
3x Tobruk58c
1x Vf Flak emplacement, 10.5cm.
1x Vf Flak emplacement, 12.8cm.
1x Fa garage.
5x Fa personnel shelter.

* KDB = Küstenbefehlshaber Deutschen Bucht.
Holland, Groningen, Termunten.

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