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Dutch "Vesting Holland" 1940

In and around the small village of Strijensas, you ind several Dutch bunkers.

In the village, down the slope at the Buitendijk in private gardens, there is a Dutch Pyramide (personnel bunker) bunker standing.
At the Sassendijk, more inland, you find a Dutch Pyramide bunker on the slope of the dik,e near a big farm yard.
Outside the small village of Strijensas, down the dike along the water way Hollands Diep at the Mariapolder, some Dutch bunkers are standing together with the modern power windmills. When you arrive at the location at the Marapolder you will find a Dutch VIS-1 bunker from 1937 with on top a Cold War watch tower of the KLD "Korps Luchtwachtdienst" (Areal Observation Service) on top of the dike. This was an after-war service with volunteers that watched the air-space for enemy air-planes in times of an international crisis.
Further on along the dyke at the feet of the electrical windmills 5 Dutch Pyramide bunkers from 1940 are standing.

6x Dutch Pyramide, personnel bunkers.
1x Dutch VIS-1 MG bunker.
1x Dutch watch tower from the Cold War, number 5K3.
Holland, Zuid Holland, Strijensas.
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