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7/2004 upd.2/2010
WBN, KVA Amsterdam, Freie Küste IJmuiden - Zandvoort, Luftwaffe Funksendezentrale, Bpt.132.

This location can be found next to the highway A9, in the direction from Amsterdam into IJmuiden.
Via the small village Spaarndam you can get to the Spaarndammerdijk and the Groeneweg where the two big and small Küver bunkers are situated.

The two big "L483 central radio transmitter bunkers" where located near the German airfield of Schiphol as a "Luftwaffe Funksendezentrale". During the war they where important for the communication of the German Luftwaffe.
Nearby there are situated in a dike two Küver bunkers, probably for personnel.

2x L483 Bunker for central radio transmitter, nr: CL12433 and CL12434.
2x Küver personnel bunker.
Holland, Noord Holland, Spaarndam.
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