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3 days
2009, 2010,
2011, 2012
Holland, Utrecht, Soesterberg.
See at the map down side
Vliegbasis Soesterberg, Fliegerhorst Soesterberg, NATO Air Base Soesterberg.

In the centre of Holland lies the "Utrechtse Heuvelrug", this is one of the higher situated areas in the Netherlands.
The first permanent military facilities have been built by Napoleon around 1800. The first steps to build an airfield were started around 1910. This building and extending lasted until 1940. During the period 1940-1945 several German military and semi military units where stationed at Soesterberg. They left behind their marks, with all kind of buildings and facilities.
After the war the Dutch military took over the air base and started their new Royal Dutch Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht). During the cold war the base was extended extensively as a NATO base. There where permanent US air planes and forces stationed till the end of the cold war in 1989. The Americans finally left the base in 1994.
After that the Dutch Air Force placed fighter and helicopter squadrons at Soesterberg, but in the years after the cold war the use of the location was reduced and finally it was decided to close it down. The air force left the base in 2009 and only a small part is kept to transform it into a National Defence Museum of Army, Navy and Air force history.

- We had our first visit in September 2009 on one of the Open days, with limited access to objects and areas.
- In September 2010 we where there for the second time on an Open day as normal visitor with limited access.
- In December 2010 in winter time, with heavy snow on the fields, we had special permission the take pictures ALL over the Air Base, except the still military areas.
- Because of the upcoming demolition of some heavy bunkers in March, we got permission to work an other day at the Air Base in March 2011, where we did the heavy bunkers insides.
We like to thank the Officials who made it possible for us to visit the former Air Base Soesterberg.

The terrains of the Air Base will by re-used by the National Defence Museum, several Cultural activities, educational purposes. Some parts will by transformed back into "nature". The glider club using a part of the old runway will stay there. Some sheep flock will use some former Jet-shelters as a housing.

- Dutch objects from 1900 - 2009.
- German object from 1940 - 1945.
- American objects from 1945 - 1994.
Source: map made via Google Earth.
We have so many pictures made so we had to split them into sections, see also the map:
1.    Ammunition park.
2.    Centre area base.
3.    Command park with: Dutch Command Bunker 500 outside & inside
4.    Kerosene park.
5.    North side.
6.    Shelter park , Fuel Depot , US shelter , US Command Bunker 600 outside & inside.
7.    South side.
8.    West side.
9.    Outside the base.
***** The terrain is NOT free to enter, there are still guards patrolling the area.
Several objects are in the meantime demolished and/or made empty ! *****
© bunkerpictures - Jetplain shelter
© bunkerpictures - German command bunker