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Schiedam, Juliana van Stolberglaan.
WW2 and Cold War, Air Protection Service and Civil Protection (Bescherming Bevolking BB).

In preparation for the upcoming war this bunker is built around 1939 as CP for Air Protection Service. It was located close to the main hospital of the city of Schiedam and was in use during the whole war time.
After the war when most of the wartime services where liquidated, the bunker got a new function around 1953 when the new Cold War organisation Bescherming Bevolking was grounded. It became again a Command Post and this time for the BB in A-Kring Zuid-Holland wijk nr 7.
The bunker has dimensions of 15 x 7.5 meter and walls/roof of 30/40cm. The bunker is as we could see not made "gas tight" because there is no airlock systems at the entrances, no air-condition installation system and to many "open" connections with the outside.
The bunker is classified as special and therefore indicated as a heritage object with a certain protection status.

1x Dutch command post.(civil protection)
Holland, Zuid-Holland, Schiedam.
© bunkerpictures - Cival Defence CP
© bunkerpictures - Cival defence CP