Holland, Zuid Holland, Den Haag / Scheveningen Bpt. 239.
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30 min
2005+2009+ 7/2013
Den Haag / Scheveningen, van Ouwenlaan.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen, Stp. Clingendael, Bpt. 239.

This location can be found west of the park Clingendael at the "Van Ouwenlaan".
This hospital bunker is a "Sonderkonstruction" (Sk) and was built by the "Abteilung Siedlung und Bauten" and finished in may 1944.
The entrances enter on ground level and inside it splits up into a top and sub-floor. Most of the technical installations where/are situated on the sub-floor and the bunker has a size of about 34x38 meters with 1/3 underground.
If you look at the layout and design of the bunker, then it has a number of hospital characteristics, but actually many more obstacles, such as different floors. And that is quite remarkable for such a big bunker!

After the war the Dutch military took over the bunker and firmly remodelled it and rebuilt it into a command and or communication centre. The bunker is abandoned by the military for more then 20 years and since 2013 it is even for sale!

1x Sonderkonstruction (Sk), Sanitätsbunker (hospital bunker) R8742.
Outside           Mid-floor           Top-floor          Sub-floor
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