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Schagerbrug - 't Buurtje.
WBN, KVA Schagen, Freie küste Callantsoog-Petten, 't Buurtje, 1e Abt. Artl. Reg. 347, Bpt. 53b.

Near the very small village of Schagerbrug lies along the Ruigeweg the neighbourhood "t Buurtje. You will see some different woodsections and in three of them we found some German remains. Initially the Germans planed here about 10 bunkers, probably ST-bunkers, because the location is mentioned on the Baufortschrittkarte of the area.

In section one we found two remains of Fa-building, one of them was open.
In the other section along the road, in a more wooded area, you find some fortified trenches connected to a gun emplacement. We found two of these combinations and one solo emplacement.
Near the house along the road you find a Fa-building. We think it could be a kitchen-canteen building. Further into the woods there lies a Fa-garage. For these two objects you have to enter private property, so please first ask permission of the owners in the house.
Sources: archive, www.fortendenhelder.nl

2x Fa storage.

3x Fortified trenches with emplacement.

1x Fa kitchen/canteen building.
1x Fa garage.
Holland, Noord Holland, Schagerbrug.
© bunkerpictures - Fa-garage
© bunkerpictures - Fa-bunker