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3/2005 upd 2/2011
Cold War, RVI-bunker.

This bunker was built in 1972/1973 for the "Rijksverkeersinspectie" (RVI). This organization had as its task to organize and to control the traffic of landed military units on their way to Germany - Europe, in case of an enemy attack.
The bunker was originally built for a capacity of 65 persons, but it could hold a maximum of 100 persons.
It was meant to be used in a state of emergency and was kept operational till 1991. After that, the bunker was only maintained with the necessary maintenance till 1998.
A foundation of volunteers took over the bunker in 2003 and started to re-install the bunker with as much of the original parts and equipment.

Today it is a kind of museum. Several rooms are decorated with original parts and parts from other bunkers. You can take a look at the website of the foundation, Functioneel Bunker Beheer (FBB) at: www.bunkerbeheer.nl

± 20 x 40 meters
1 floor above-ground
1 floor under-ground
Several normal stocks on top
Depth ± 6 meters
Holland, Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam.
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