Holland, Zuid Holland, Rijswijk.
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Rijswijk, Park Overvoorde. (during war-time is was part of the city of Den Haag)
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Stp.Gr. Scheveningen, Park Overvoorde, Stp. XLVIII, Bpt. 233.
Cold War, Command Post (CoP) Bescherming Bevolking (BB), Kring Zuid Holland A.

Within the city limits of Rijswijk on the 'Vredenburchweg" a park that has long been outside the field of view, Park Overvoorde is located..
On this park there were special activities performed during two important periods in history. During the Second World War it was a major communication hub regarding the German attack on England.
After a relatively short period of rest, the Cold War erupted. During these years, there were various activities undertaken by the Civil Defence organization called "Bescherming Bevolking (BB)".

Period 1940-1945:
There was speculation by the public about the activities of the Germans on the estate Overvoorde at the Van Vredenburchweg. The wildest rumours circulated, but what really happened wasn't found out. Indeed there were secret activities developed by the Germans in January 1941, when the Van Vredenburchweg was sealed off and the entire area was declared as "Sperrgebiet" (restricted area). The rumours gained new input when the Germans started with the construction of radio communication antenna's and the construction of bunkers. In and around the park area mines were placed and also in the periphery the Germans made some defences. Along the Schaapweg they placed wooden poles to stop potential airborne landings and on the Kleiweg and Schaapweg anti-tank barriers were placed.

In the beginning of the war a German Luftwaffe "Funk-Horch Kompagnie" (Communication Interception Unit) was stationed at the complex. A large underground bunker was built specifically for this unit and its secret activities. In the Park were r 22 pieces of Luftwaffe troop bunkers built. The complex was/is equipped with a kitchen/canteen, toilet building and garage. There were also some large wooden barracks in which various activities of the Funk-Horch Kompagnie took place.

Period 1952-1986:
The fear for a Third World War brings the Netherlands in action. A Civil Defence organization was founded to continue governing the country during wartime. The "Bescherming Bevolking" organization was a part of a greater Civil Defence organisation and its task was together with citizens, to protect civilians and help them during wartime.
After the establishment of this Civil Defence organization in 1952, the Netherlands were divided into A and B circles. One of these "A circles" consists the municipalities of Den Haag, Rijswijk and Voorburg. Within this circle a command post was established for the BB in Park Overvoorde.

The threat of a nuclear war brought with it all kinds of additional requirements related to protection. This shift has led to the construction of a new command post (appointed from here as CoP) in 1969. This new CoP was built next to the old one, the former German bunker, command post.
The CoP is built according to the prevailing requirements regarding to lead an area under extreme situations (including Atomic Radiation, Bacteriological and Chemical attacks).
The CoP was equipped with all facilities to withstand these hazards. Facilities as a self-powered, air and water filter systems and communication were installed. Everything was equipped to stay and run for a long time, completely isolated from the outside world.

Following the dissolution of eliminating the BB in 1986, a number of tasks were transferred to the Regional Fire Department. The grounds and the buildings on the park were also transferred. The site is still used for training purposes by the Fire Department.

Currently, the "Stichting Nationale Collectie Bescherming Bevolking" (NCBB) uses a part of the site for guided tours along and trough the bunkers, educational purposes and running its own museum. See also www.ncbb.nl (sources)

6x Küver 413a group bunker for 12 men (variant).
1x Sk command bunker.
1x Tobruk58c.
1x Fa kitchen/canteen building.
1x Fa bath house.
1x Fa garage.
1x Water basin.

10x Bescherming Bevolking building.
German bunkers  German buildings
BB bunkers          BB buildings
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