Holland, Noord Holland, Petten.
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1 hour
Stp.Gr. Petten XVIb HL, Bpt. 54a, Heereskustenbatterie Petten

On Camping 'Corfwater' in the village Petten you can find a bunker, type 612, near the entrance. The camping can be found at the 'Strandweg', along the coast.

After asking for permission to enter the camping you can, if permission is granted, walk around and in the 612 casemate. Remains of other objects and buildings can be found all over the terrain of the camping.
A Vf. Personnel bunker can be found, 100m north of the camping. We've also seen a building over there that had the shapes of a garage, but we are not sure if it's originally made by the Germans.

1x Vf. personnel bunker.
1x 612 casemate, with serial number:3926.
1x Tobruk.
1x tank ditch.
3x remains.
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