Holland, Noord Brabant, Oudendijk.
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The small village of Oudendijk can be found south of Gorichem, on the southern bank of the river Maas.
The village lies next to Sleeuwijk and Werkendam. The Dutch bunkers are located along the major road leading towards Oudendijk. There are several personnel bunkers, the so called Pyramids (shape of the bunker), and two G-casemates with a cupola for a heavy machinegun. The cast-steel cupola has been removed from both bunkers a long time ago. Some of the bunkers lie in a field with cattle in it, so we couldn't enter the bunkers, The other bunkers are located next to he road and are open, but in a bad condition.
All the bunkers are part of the defence line Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie and have been built in the period 1939-1940 by the Dutch, just before the beginning of World War 2.

6x personnel bunker, Pyramid.
2x G-casemate, Mg in a cupola
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