Holland, Utrecht, Nieuwegein.
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The plump-lock can be found at the Amsterdam-Rhine canal near Nieuwegein, along the Lekkanaaldijk.

The plump-lock was built by the Dutch between 1938-1941 as part of the defence line Dutch Waterline. The Amsterdam-Rhine canal was crossing the Dutch Waterline and therefore the engineers had to find a solution for this opening in the defence line. They constructed a building over the canal with five rooms inside, to store 40.000 tons of stones, sand and rubbish, that could been blown up to dump into the water. With this closing they could manage the traffic on the canal and also control the level of water in the inundated areas around Nieuwegein.
When the 2 World War started in Holland the lock wasn't finished yet, so it has never been used.

After the war the lock was finished and kept operational during the Cold War till 1983. The lock was too low and too narrow to let pass the ships that got bigger and bigger at that time. So the government made a by-pass along the plump-lock to let the ships pass. Nowadays the lock is closed.

1x plump lock 66x10 metre walls 1,5 metre.
© bunkerpictures - Plump lock
© bunkerpictures - Plump lock