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Muiden, Bloemendalerpolder.
WBN, KVA Amsterdam, Muiden, Funkmeßgerät Stellung Seeadler.

In the Bloemendalerpolder between Muiden and Weesp along the highway A1 from Amsterdam towards Amersfoort lies at the parallel road called Rijksweg, the former German Funkmeßgerät Stellung Seeadler, radar position. The location is situated behind a terrain with all kinds of storage facilities. Please ask permission before you enter the meadow and don't forget to put some boots ….!

The radar station was built by the Germans in July1941 and just shortly used till March 1944. The main reason is probably that the radar technology had been improved, so less radar stations were needed. In the mean time the Fliegerhorst Schiphol (distance 15km's) was no longer used by "night fighters".

Sources: www.radarstation.nl in Dutch & Englisch.

2x Socle for Würzburg Riese radar.
4x Vf garage.
3x Foundation for: canteen, control building, machinery.
Holland, Noord Holland, Muiden.
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