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Marsum, NSG sation.
Cold War, Navigation station "Groningen" of the Air Force.

Drive from Nansum and cross the N0097 into the direction of Marsum over the Marsumerweg and you will see in the fields standing several Cold War bunkers of the Early Warning System.

At the end of the 40's the air-force built 5 radar stations, divided over Holland. One of these stations was at Marsum and was called 'Navigatiestation Groningen (NSG) Groningen' and was built between 1952-1957.
Those radar stations, Den Helder-Nieuw Millingen, De Lier and Groningen where used for an early warning systems, for spotting incoming Russian airplanes in Western territory.
On one of the bunkers a German WW2 Panzerturm is mounted as emergency escape. The location isn't any longer in use by the Air Force but the terrain is not open for public.

7x NSG-bunker.
Holland, Groningen, Marsum.
© bunkerpictures - NSG bunker
© bunkerpictures - NSG bunker