Holland, Zuid-Holland, Krimpen a/d IJssel
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Krimpen a/d IJssel, Algera bridge/lock

After the big flood disaster in February 1953 in the Netherlands, the government decided to make a big plan, to secure the low lands in the Netherlands, called the "Delta Plan".
One of the first projects to close waterways was to build a dam with a bridge and lock at the entrance of the river "de Hollandsche IJssel" near Krimpen a/d IJssel just behind Rotterdam. This river is flowing from Krimpen a/d IJssel into the hart of Holland. Some dikes where not safe anymore and the risk for flooding of the hart of Holland was very high. At the same time there was the Cold war going on and the government ment that it was necessary that in time of war the bridge and lock in the main waterways in Holland stayed operational. They built bunkers to protect the equipment and/or the personnel at the most strategic locations.

Here they built only one bunker to protect the personnel. The bridge and lock had to be operated from the normal stations. In the bunker they could stay and sleep for some time. There was also equipment inside to keep radio contact with the ships and other stations.
The bunker was kept in use by the "Rijkswaterstaat" until 2005. The personnel of the bridge/lock preserved the bunker by checking the installations, water supplies and the generator. Now the location is handed over to a foundation that preserves bunkers in the Netherlands.
The bunker is not open for the public; you will need to ask for permission.

1x bunker +/- 20x 8 meters
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