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Kortenhoef, Fort Kijkuit.
Dutch defence line from 1940, Vesting Holland, Front Oost, Groep Nieuwersluis, Fort Kijkuit.

Between the village Kortenhoef and Vreeland along the N201 lies an old Dutch fort from the famous water defence line called "Nieuwe Hollandsche Waterlinie".
This fort was extended with a new section by placing a VIS M+K Kazemat in 1933-35 that was able to cover the road coming from Hilversum. The Dutch added a position for a MG and gun that was used as a PAK (anti tank gun). The front side of the kazemat was constructed of former 20cm thick armour plate of the HMS Tromp naval vessel thathad been broken up. During the war period in 1940 it has not been of any military use. This part was closed during my visit because of some bats inside doing there winter sleep.
After the war the Dutch government used the Fort as a so called "Rijksmagazijn" (governmental warehouse) for storage of alcohol and medical supplies from 1958-1980.

On the left and right side of the Fortification stands a Dutch Pyramide group shelter. The one on the right side stands alongside the road towards Hilversum, close to a small bridge. Just 50 meter over this bridge lies the Dutch antitankbariier, on both sides of the road.

1x Dutch VIS-kazemat gun.
2x Dutch Pyramide group shelter.
1x Dutch Antitank barrier.
1x Old Dutch fortification.
Holland, Noord Holland, Kortenhoef.
© bunkerpictures - Fort Kijkuit with camouflage
© bunkerpictures - Dutch armor plate 1935 for MG and Pak