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4 hours
Dutch Defence line from 1940, Stelling Kornwerderzand.
WBN, Stp.Gr Harlingen, Bpt.03.

Kornwerderzand is a settlement on the Afsluitdijk, a major dam in the Netherlands that links Friesland with Noord-Holland. Kornwerderzand is located approximately 4 km from the coast of Friesland, on an artificial island which was created during the construction of the dam.

The Afsluitdijk is a major Dam in the Netherlands, constructed between 1927 and 1933 and running from Den Oever on Wieringen in North Holland province, to the village of Zurich (mun. Wûnseradiel) in Friesland province, over a length of 32 km (20 miles) and a width of 90 m, at an initial height of 7.25 m above sea-level.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kornwerderzand

The fortifications are split up into two lines and contains several Dutch casemates (Kazemat) that were built in the period from 1928 till 1931. At the end of 193,8 in the initial stage of WWII, the total of 17 casemates were equipped and later on the personnel arrived to occupy the fortifications. At the beginning of the war in Mai 1940, not all the necessary equipment was available. During the 5 days of war in the Netherlands there have been heavy fighting around this location and the Germans never crossed this defense line. The Germans took over the fortifications and some additional bunkers and other smaller defense works were constructed.
After the war, during the period 1952 till 1960, the complex was a part of the Dutch/NATO defense line and additional defense works, like Sherman tank turrets encased in concrete, were added.
Nowadays a part of the fortifications is a museum, http://www.kazemattenmuseum.nl/

This visit was not complete so not all the defense structures where photographed.

1e Line; (not complete)
Kazemat IV, Dutch MG. casemate and telephone central
Kazemat V, Dutch MG. casemate.
Kazemat VI, Dutch MG. casemate with 2x5cm gun's
Kazemat XIV, Dutch ammunition, kitchen, storage
Kazemat B, Dutch aggregate bunker.

1x 667 Small embrasured emplacement for 5cm tank gun.
1x Flak 2cm emplacement.
Holland, Friesland, Kornwerderzand.
© bunkerpictures - Kazemat VI Dutch
© bunkerpictures - Type 667 German