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Kootwijk, Radio Kootwijk.
Radio connection between the Netherlands and Indonesia.(colony till 1949)
WBN, Inland, Radio Kootwijk - Sendestation für die Kriegsmarine.

Around 1918 the government started to build a radio communication station in the "Very Low Frequency" VLF band to keep in contact with former colony in "Nederlands-Indie (Dutch East Indies) and since 1949, the Republic Indonesia.

I took several years to build the location in the centre of Holland in a non accessible area with not enough infra structure for transportation and so. They built the main Radio building, with an antenna of more then 200 meters high and all kind of other buildings. There was even a small village for its personnel and family. The main building was designed by Julius Luthman and the first broadcast took place in 1923 and transmission times expanded rapidly.

During WWII the Germans took over the place and made it one of the main radio connections station for their U-boot fleet on the Atlantic Ocean during the Battle of the Atlantic. To protect the location Flak batteries where installed around the station. The German built several buildings and shelters for their activities. At the end of the war the German blew several antennas and buildings and took the main transmitter with them into Germany. The equipment was later found in the Russian occupation zone and returned back to Kootwijk.
In 1998 Radio Kootwijk was closed as a radio station. The location is now in use for education, entertainment, artists expositions and more.

The pictures show how you can walk and find the objects. The sheet isn't complete wit all the objects.

Xx Dutch buildings Radio Kootwijk.
Xx German buildings Senderstation für der Kriegsmarine.
2x Fa shelter.

1x Dutch Cold War bunker underground, closed and covered.
Holland, Gelderland, Kootwijk.
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