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9/2006 10/2011
Hoek van Holland, Oranjekanaal.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Festung Hoek van Holland, Oranjekanaal Wn. 33H, Bpt.78.

Drive over the E25, called "Maasdijk and at the crossing with the N223 drive onto the Petterdijk and you will find these bunkers.
This location had several bunkers but in 2011 some of them were demolished or moved. One of the R134 was replaced, but that didn't worked out so well. Now a days it's standing a "little crooked". In 2011 the R621 was demolished as an other R134.
During the reconstruction work at the crossing the remains of a R634 bunker were found. After investigation it was closed again and is now covered by a new pavement.

2x 134 Ammunition bunker I. (2 demolished ??, 2011)
1x 621 Group bunker. (demolished 2011)
1x 634 Bunker with six embrasure turret. (covered 2011)
1x Fa storage. (demolished 2011)
1x Fa kitchen/canteen building. (demolished 2011)
1x Tank ditch.
Holland, Zuid Holland, Hoek van Holland.
© bunkerpictures - R621 demolished
© bunkerpictures - R134 displaced