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5/2004 upd 2/2012
Heensche Molen.
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Eendracht-Stellung, Batteriestellung Heensche Molen, Stp.Gr. Dinteloord, Stp. XXXVII H, Bpt. 549.

Outside the small village of Heensche Molen, along the Zuid Groeneweg, lies the "Batteriestellung Heensche Molen" from the 5/A.R. 1719 unit in the field and on the nearby farm yard.
The Stellung contained 4x669 15cm gun bunkers with on two on the outsidea a Tobruk built on the top of the roof. The two in the middle are located on the territory of a farm. When you aske nicely, you can photograph those two on the farmyard.

4x 669 Embrasured emplacement for field gun (60º) without annexes.
2x Tobruk on the roof.
Holland, Noord Brabant, Heensche Molen.
© bunkerpictures - Type 669 with Tobrok on roof
© bunkerpictures - Type 669