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Dutch IJsselline 1940.

The Dutch army built several defence lines in Holland and one of those lines was following the river IJssel, from Arnhem in the direction of Zwolle and ending in the IJsselmeer. This line was pointing into the direction of Germany so most of the works are at the west side of the river.

Coming from Zwolle over the "old IJsselbrug" and following the Zuiderzeestraatweg, you will find a Dutch Kazemat at the crossing, covering the bridge.
At the crossing you go over the dike towards Hattem following the Geldersedijk. Between the old IJsselbrug and the coming railway bridge lies a very special Dutch bunker, a "Dubbele Brugkazemat". This kazemat could fire into two directions, the railway or the old IJsselbrug. By moving on a rail-construction at the sealing, the gun could traverse from one to the other firing room inside the bunker.
Further on in the dike, when you have passed the railway, an other Brugkazemat, covering the railway bridge from the eastside  is located

1x Dutch kazemat, named ZON.
1x Dutch Brugkazemat, named ZOZ
1x Dutch double Brugkazemat, named ZM.
Holland, Gelderland, Hattem.
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