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WBN, Stp.Gr. Harlingen, Engelsche Tuin.

In the city of Harlingen with its harbour village were several German positions; one of them was in the city itself and functioned as a communication centre for the Stp.Gr. Harlingen. It is located in the park "Engelsche tuin" at the Nieuwstraat.

Nowadays the main bunker, a Vf. communication bunker is buried under the park. At the outside along the water you can still find some Tobruk's.
In 1990 some volunteers opened the bunker and made pictures and measurements to get an impression of the bunker.
Nowadays (2008) a group of volunteers is willing to, again, open the bunker and turn it in to a historical centre about the history of the city of Harlingen.

Please take a look at this webpage (dutch) that was also our source for the information and the drawing. www.gefechtstandharlingen.nl

1x Vf communication bunker.
3x Tobruk58c.
Holland, Friesland, Harlingen.
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