Holland, Zuid Limburg, Gulpen.
Civil Defence Command Post (BB) Kring Limburg-A

In the village of Gulpen, on one of the slopes, you find at the Koningin Julianastraat or at the Beversbergweg a former command post from the Civil Defence (Bescherming Bevolking), for the sector Kring Limburg-A.

The building contains two top levels with normal offices for the day to day business for the Civil Defence organisation. In the main hall you find a staircase to the bunker underground and in this hall there is also a rolling-shutter still visible, to split up the bunker and offices apart in case of a crisis situation.
The bunker is built in a slope, so on one side you enter the building from the top and from the other side you will enter the bunker from below by climbing first an outside staircase.
Very special details are the original windows with burned glass, also the "French or Arabic" toilet that is inside the bunker. In the bunker when you go to the command room you will go about 1 meter lower by a staircase and that is very rare.

Now days the building is in use by two companies and the bunker itself is used for storage and parties as you can see on the pictures.

1x BB command post
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