Holland, Friesland, Grou - Command Center BB & CB
Command Post for Civil Defence Staff's of  PCBB / PCCV / GCCV / Cop A-kring Friesland-c

This is an unique bunker, because it's contained 4 command's on one location;
PCBB - Provinciaal Commando Bescherming Bevolking (Provincial Command Civil Protection)
PCCV - Provinciaal Centrum Civiele Verdeding (Provincial Centre Civil Defence)
GCCV - Gemeentelijk Centrum Civiele Verdiging (Municipal Centre Civil Defence)
Kr.CoP - Kring Commando Bescherming Bevolking (Regional Command Civil Protection) A-kring Friesland-c.

The bunker is built in 1965 and was used till the end of the 1990ties. Then it was sold to KPN (a telecom provider) in 2002. The size of the bunker is +/- 22 x 44 meters and in total +/- 1100m2. There was space for about 150 persons, 75 sleeping places and supplies for a two weeks stay. So the men where 12 hours on duty and 12 hours off duty.
The bunker was also the provincial central for the "Nationaal Noodnet", a special telephone net for the officials throughout the country in case of emergency. This special net was used for the last time during a heavy winter with lots of snow, low temperature and people stuck in there cars on the road in 1979. It is also used during a big outdoor skating event in 1985, the Elfstedentocht.

The pictures you can see are just a small selection of the whole bunker.

1x command bunker 22x44mtr.
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