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Freie Küste KVA A2
Groede, Breskens 06, Stp. 3./652.

At the Generaal de Moorsweg, near the village Groede is the "bunker village" located. There are more then 10 bunkers build, the intention was to place the bunker in such a way they would look like a small village. It's a very special location because several bunkers are camouflaged by the Germans as if they were a house or for example a bar. The camouflage looks very impressive but the paint is fading since the bunkers were uncovered.
After the war the location was re-used as a "small animal farm" for kids to play and learn. For some years ago the farm was moved and the locations is now an public park with a restaurant and  the uncovered bunkers are easy to visit.

2x 134 Ammunition bunker I.
1x 134S Ammunition I, adapted into a hospital bunker.
3x 501 Group bunker.
1x 502 Twin group bunker.
2x 669 Embrasured emplacement for field gun (60º) without annexes.
1x Tobruk plus.
1x Vf 57a  Dressing station or command post.
1x Vf personnel.
Holland, Zeeland, Groede.
© bunkerpictures - Type Vf57a hospital
© bunkerpictures - Type 134S with camouflage