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Ermelo, Strand Horst.
Flak Feuerstelle.

Along the highway A28 from Amersfoort going north towards Harderwijk, you pass near the exit Strand Horst, a bunker in the meadow.

The Germans start building this location 1941 as a "Flak Feuerstelle" to practice there troops in the us of the Flak guns, against air, sea and land targets. In Harderwijk and in the the with woods covered Veluwe area, there where many barracks and troops stationed.
The location consisted of more buildings then there are left now a days. This because of the re-use of the location by the Dutch army till 1964 and the development of the area with also the highway A28 that was built.

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1x Shelter, BRV nr. A1.
1x Shelter, BRV nr. A3.
Holland, Gelderland, Ermelo.
picture/map source Rene Dolfsma
© bunkerpictures - Shelter
© bunkerpictures - Shelter
Source Rene Dolfsma