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1 hour
5/2004 upd 2/2012
WBN, KVA Dordrecht, Dintelsas, Stp.Gr. Dinteloord, Stp. XXXV H, Bpt. 259.

Close to the village of Dinteloord lies a a German bunker type 612 at the waterfront Dintelsas and on the west pier. Drive towards the end of the Sasdijk to park your car and walk up the dike, when there are no animals! Before or when you drive back you can find a type 680 bunker behind a private house close to a farm and curve in the road. On the 680 a nice white cabin is standing. Next to the house we discovered also a VF bunker or Küver type (2 rooms) used as a storage. Please ask permission before you enter this bunker.

1x 612 Embrasured emplacement for assault guns without annex room.
1x Tobruk added to the 612.
1x 680 Embrasured emplacement for 7.5cm anti-tank gun without annexes.
1x Vf or Küver bunker?
Holland, Noord Brabant, Dintelsas.
© bunkerpictures - Type 680
© bunkerpictures - Type 612