Holland, Noord-Holland, Den Helder (33)
Verteidigungsbereich Den Helder

The city and here surroundings where classified as a Verteidigungsbereich by the German's like IJmuiden-Hoek van Holland-Vlissingen, especially because of the naval facilities.
In this Verteidigungsbereich you can find a lot of old forts that the Dutch and the Germans used for making fortifications and strongpoint's for there defence. Along the coast you can find coastal artillery bunkers, at the south side there was a landfront established near the village Julianadorp from the west to the east coast.

Alte Sudlinie (9)
  - (A1) Middenvliet nr   6
  - (A2) Middenvliet nr 14
  - (A3) Middenvliet nr 16
  - (A4) Middenvliet nr 17
  - (A5) Middenvliet nr 27
  - (A6) Middenvliet-Pieterhoeve
  - (A7) Middenvliet-Jimmink
  - (A8) Middenvliet-Mini Camping
  - (A9) Hoeve Spoorzicht 141H
De Kooy (6)
  - (K1) Bpt. 34 Riegelstellung Ostufer.
  - (K2) Westufer.
  - (K3) Doggersvaart
  - (K4) Krankenrivier
  - (K5) Motorcross
  - (K6) Wn. 142A Flak Batt. Balgzand
Bpt. 25 Fort Erfprinz
Bpt. 27 Fort Kaaphoofd.
Bpt. 34 Dragon teeth defence line
Bpt. 36 Landfront Julianadorp
Bpt. 37 Landfront Julianadorp
Bpt. 38 Landfront Julianadorp Blauwe Keet
Bpt. 42 Churchillpark
Wn. 107 Rijkswerf Willemsoord
Wn. 120   M Marine Flak Batterie Fort Dirksz Admiraal
Wn. 123a M Marine Flak Artillery Flagruko
Wn. 124   M Marine Seezielbatterie Fort Kijkduin
Wn. 124a M Navy artillery Workshop
Wn. 134   L Nachrichten Anlage "Knickebein"
Wn. 145   H Flakstelle De Garst
Wn. 150      Grossschaltstelle Postkantoor
M.A.A. 7/607 Zanddijk
Battery Helsdiep
Fort Westoever
Fort Oostoever
Fort Harssens
Gemeenschapslinie (Wn.112 M, 112a M, 112b M)

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