Holland, Noord Holland, Den Helder - Navigation Station North (NSN).
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Den Helder, NSN station
Navigation station North of the Air Force.

Between the old German bunkers of WWII you find in and near Den Helder also bunkers from the Cold War, between de Nieuweweg and Middenvliet.

At the end of the 40's the air-force built 5 radar stations, divided over Holland. One of these stations was at Den Helder and was called 'Navigatiestation Noord (NSN) Den Helder' and was built in 1950.
Those radar stations where used for an early warning systems, for spotting incoming Russian airplanes in Western territory.

When you look outside and inside the radar bunker you see a great similarity with the German bunkers from the wartime. There is a tobruk for close-by defence, air-systems, doors and more. Is was only 5 years after the war when they where built!

In 1977-1984 the bunkers were moved over to the navy and were renovated. At first the the communication centre of the Dutch Sea Commander was stationed here and is was ment as war HQ.(CZMNED)
In 2005 the navy abandoned most of the bunkers. Now a days there is only one bunker in use for a transmitting station with antennas outside.

source: J. van Tongeren. www.fortendenhelder.nl

4x Radar bunker.
1x HQ bunker.
1x Transmitter bunker.
2x Cable connection point.
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