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Den Oever.
Dutch Defence line from 1940, Stelling Den Oever.
WBN, KVA Schagen, Den Oever, Wn. 26 H.L.

In the Afsluitdijk, at the west side, lies a shiplock complex called after the place Den Oever, now a days along the highway A7.
When planning the construction of the Aflsuitdijk, the dike that was built to close the Zuiderzee (IJsselmeer from then on), in the early 1930s the Ministry of Defence demanded some defensive works to be implemented. So on both ends of the dike, in Den Oever in the west and Kornwerderzand in the east, military bunkers and defence systems where built.
During the German attack in May 1940 the Dutch army held their positions in the east at Kornwerderzand in fierce fighting and no German came over the dike.

The complex at Den Oever contains 13 bunkers spread over two defence positions, an island in front of the shiplock and the other close to the lock site.
During our visit in March 2012 we where only able, because of the heavy fog, to visited only 1 bunker. We will go back with better weather conditions soon.

1x Dutch MG-kazemat for 3xMg's, Werk IX.
Holland, Noord Holland, Den Oever.
© bunkerpictures - Dutch Mg-kazemat
© bunkerpictures - Dutch Mg-kazemat