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Cuijck, Katwijk.
Dutch "Maaslinie".

Near the city of Cuijck, at the River Maas in the province Noord-Brabant, you ind a village called Katwijk. This is not the same as Katwijk at the coast of Zuid-Holland.
Along the River Maas the Dutch army established a defence line, just before the outbreak of the war. They made several small bunkers of the type "rivierkazemat" (river-casemate) in different designs.
In the village Katwijk, you find a map with the defence line in that area, at the beginning of the dike.

3x Rivierkazemat type S. (NBr. 115, 118, 119)
1x Rivierkazemat. (Zuid)
Holland, Noord Bradant, Cuijck.
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