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Breda, Spoorstraat.
Cold War, National Railway Company "NS", Regional Railway Traffic Controllers.

During the Cold War the Dutch government built shelters for times of emergency or war for all kinds of governmental organisations, important companies or public services,.
The purpose of these shelters was to keep certain services and activities protected against enemy attacks and hazards, and give them the possibilities to continue there task for some weeks.

The National Railway Company, de Nederlandse Spoorwegen NS, had an important task in times of crisis or war, to keep the transportation systems working, for instance for the military transportation needs.
The NATO had some plans ready in case a war was started with the Warchau Pact and troops from England and America where transported to Europe, specially through Dutch ports into Germany. To keep the railway system working for that scenario, all over the country protected shelters where built, smaller and larger ones.

In Breda along the Spoorstraat was one of the 13 Regional "Protected shelter Railway traffic controllers" built. The bunker is never used and had from the start of construction it problems with the "groundwater level".
The bunker came to life in the beginning of 2012 by some locals and was open for public shows for a short time. In October 2012 they started to demolish the shelter to make place for new buildings. We where at the site when they started to demolish the bunker and before it would disappear we where allowed the get in. Inside was about 30-40cm water standing and most of its furniture and equipment was still there.

1x Protected shelter Railway traffic controllers.
Holland, Noord-Brabant, Breda.
© bunkerpictures - NS protected shelter
© bunkerpictures - NS protected shelter