Holland, Zuid Holland, Bodegraven
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Fort De Wiericker Schans

They started to build this fort around 1673. In 1747 they build the big gunpowder building and kept building several objects till 1951.

In 1939 it was used as a storage location for ammunition and light hand guns. In 1940-1945 it was used by the Germans as "Zeugambt der Deutsche Marine". After the liberation of the Netherlands, the fort was used by the "Nederlandse Binnenlandse Strijdkrachten" a kind of militia that took over between the Germans-Liberators-Dutch Government.

From 1945 till 1960 it was an ammunition depot for the Dutch Army with bazookas and phosphor-bombs. After clearing the fort is was used as a storage location for the Dutch Army-museum in Delft. In the 1970's the fort was a communication centre for the Dutch forces in West-Germany.

6x Dutch ammunition bunkers.
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© Bunkerpictures - Dutch ammunitionbunker
© Bunkerpictures - Dutch ammuniton bunker