Fliegerhorst Bergen.

- Wn 1 Hagemansbrug
- Wn 2
- Wn 3 Flak Ost
- Wn 4 Flak Sud
- Wn 5 (is nothing left)
- Wn 6 Flak West
- Wn 7 Flak Nord
- Sperre

- V1 launching site
Holland, Noord Holland, Bergen NH.
Airfield Bergen.

The air-field is build by the Dutch in 1939. After the invasion in may 1940 it was one of the big air-fields that took part in the battle of Britain,  later on in the war it served as a base for German fighters who attacked the bomber planes on their way to Germany. The Germans destroyed the air-field in 1944.
After the war is was not really an air-field anymore but it's military purpose was kept until today. Now there are plans in progress to look for a future use of the whole area.
The pictures we are showing are made in 2005, 2006 and 2007, so situations can be changed by now.
We studied the available maps, data and information to come to the current names and locations.
The problem with the air-field Bergen is that the documentation is very complex and there has been several re-numbering situations in the past which had let to cross-references, so that makes it hard to identify all the different bunkers/objects.
We are not complete with all the objects that are left, we miss some of them. If someone has remarks, solutions and idea's please let us know.

Many thanks for the intense help with air-field Bergen is for Marinus Venhuis.
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